Monday, May 12, 2008

9 months

It's the middle of May and balls cold'd think it was the last week of October with this icky raw rain and 50 degree weather. I might be happy anticipating Halloween and all things fall but it's May and it should be sunny and warm.

I kicked my own ass this evening. With 4 weeks to go before little man graces us with his presence I told myself to crack open the acrylic paints and finish up that pirate mural I started back in late January. Had I known (and actually believed) that the second trimester was the best time I might not have procrastinated. Instead I thought, "I have PLENTY of time!" and continued to put off the task of completing it. Plenty of time has come and gone. Now his room looks like a baby's room with a crib, a mobile, Storypeople prints, tons of clothes and blankets and toys, even diapers and a bin dedicated to baby's bathing.

In between icing my poor swollen feet (which JUST decided to blow up), keeping them elevated, treating myself to prenatal massages to ease the upper back aches, surrounding myself with a million pillows at night for comfort, I persevere on his room. I've had a blessed pregnancy and aside from minor ailments I'm fabulous. Of course I'd rather be uploading my iPod with tunes and leafing through a magazine right now but I have some brown pirate ship paint that might dry out if I don't get back to it.

I had a break...had my first random late night ice cream I'm refueled. Time to go.