Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rip Off

I noticed the NY Times Urban Eye - an email newsletter to which I subscribe - had changed formats a few weeks back and coincidently, the content seemed to take a bit of a dip. This confirmed my theories - and clenched the need to remove myself from their mailing list.

Promoting a book stool - silly me for actually thinking it included books! For thinking it was a cool shabby chic a la Pottery Barn design. No, the NY Times editors and journalists have nothing better to do with their time than seek out, and promote/publish this ridiculous piece of NYLON sold at the Conran shop. For $40, you too can swap out your twine and buy this hideous black nylon book strap because all our magazines will look so amazing (and be so comfy for our sit bones) when we stack and them and tell our guests this is the new occasional seating.

Occasional uncomfy rip off and fire hazard seating.

First Reaction

Kind of funny. Here we go:

1. Travel: Overseas
2. Beer: Guiness or anything dark.
3. Relationships: Emotion.
4. Purple: A favorite color.
5. Power Rangers: Voltron reincarnated.
6. Weed: a drug.
7. Steroids: another drug.
8. Cartoons: Smurfs
9. The President: Waiting for the next election.
10. Tupperware: Clutter.
11. Florida: Hot.
12. Santa Claus: In the mall.
13. Halloween: Awesome holiday.
14. Alice: Brady Bunch maid.
15. Sitcom: 80s.
16: Myspace: Social networking.
17. Worst fear: Having so much I want to accomplish and never feeling like I do/will/have.
18. Marriage: I'm PMSed and annoyed with my husband at the moment.
19. Paris Hilton: Gross.
20. Pat: The boy Meaghan loved all through college.
21. Redheads: Wish I was one.
22. Blondes: Playboy (sorry?!)
23. Pass the: Buck.
24. One night stands: Bad news.
25. Abortions: Not for me.
26. Neverland: Peter Pan.
27. Pixie Stix: What is that? Sugar candy?
28. Vanilla ice cream: With Root Beer.
29. Music: XPN
30. High school: Drama.
31. Pajamas: Victoria's Secret Pink.
32. Woody: Toy Story.
33. Wet Socks: Take them off.
34. Friendship: Grateful.
35. Love: Everyday.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My XPN Musical Moment

Another 885 countdown? AAARRRRGGGG. The idea was cool 2 years ago but now it's wearing on me. I wasn't into this whole Musical Moment thing but then the other day something made me remember when I "rediscovered" XPN and I thought - that was a moment. So I submitted this. Probably not as cool as someone's Live Aid experience in 1985, but it'll have to do.

Coming Around Again

My art teacher used to play XPN all the time when I was in high school. Of course, I was 17, 18 years old and was more interested in Top 40 (I know, shame on me). I would complain and he'd constantly say, "They play everything, Chris!" I'd give the station a chance and hear a few good songs one day and then hear something I didn't like and be back to my Top 40. Well, sometime in 1996, my senior year, a co-worker saved my soul and reintroduced me to singer-songwriter music and some independent stations. He was my go-to guy for all awesome music. In early 2001 we had this falling out and I remember grieving the loss of the friendship - on so many levels - but one being what on earth was I going to do for good music now? That summer I heard Pete Yorn's Life on Chain for the first time while station surfing on North Broad coming home from work and landing on XPN. WHOA. Who's this?! That was the moment. I was instantly hooked. But because I didn't know the artist, I went to the web site and tooled around and found SO much more than I ever knew existed - playlists, programming, Funky Friday, concerts, arts events. And right then - hot sticky miserable mid-July and still sad - I knew that I'd be OK. I came into my own, discovered XPN on my own, in my own time and I wouldn't fall apart without this friend and his cool artsy knowledge because now XPN was my new friend.

I became a member and have since volunteered and remained actively engaged in the music that's so important to me. Thanks XPN for coming into my life when I was 23 and despairing, and giving me hope again - in great music and in myself :) The chorus is so appropriate:

"And I was waiting over here for life to begin,
I was looking for the new thing,
And you were the sunshine heading my front-line,
I was alone, you were just around the corner from me."
-Pete Yorn, Life On A Chain

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Texas Fall

Jocelyn's thoughts on fall from down south:

I can't even think about fall yet, but here is my Fall compared to yours: :)

Yours: Cool 60-70 degree temps replace arctic air conditioning (and icky summer bugs).
Mine: Cool 80 degree days replace some of the air conditioning.

Yours: Rosy cheeks from crisp fall air.
Mine: Cheeks being rosy from the hot summer sun.

Yours: The smell of burning leaves replacing the smell of BBQ.
Mine: The smell of BBQ continues as we're able to be outside again.

Yours: Eating indoors again.
Mine: Starting to eat outside again.

Yours: The changing color of the leaves - and all the old school days for which it reminds me.
Mine: What colors?

Yours: Opaque tights, tall boots and Mary Janes.
Mine: short sleeve shirts, maybe a little blazer at night if it's really cold.

Yours: Sweaters and other new fuzzy fall wardrobe staples.
Mine: Will still be unworn until January/February.

Yours & Mine: No guilty feelings for wanting to curl up indoors, all day, with a book.

Yours: Fall sports (for me this means watching collegiate rowing on the river and occasionally checking in on a hockey game).
Mine: Fuck sports.

Yours: The arts kicking into gear with the Fringe and September season openers.
Mine: Going to Dallas and Fort Worth for outdoor concerts.

Mums, gourds and hay decorating our front yards.
Dark beer, pumpkin spiced coffee and other seasonal foods and beverages (replacing drinks involving crushed ice and fruit).
Purple, orange, yellow, red, brown.
New beginnings.

The last part of that works in Texas too. :) My aunt just bought be a cute pumpkin metal container. I want pumpkins year round.

More on fall

A recent conversation.

me: I guess you're leaving for the conference this's early this year. I wanted to come by and say hello but it appears as though conference season is upon you, so I'll check ya when the temps (and travel) drop off in October.

him: Leaving on Tues and then it's pretty much non stop for a month. Hope you're well.

me: You'll blink and it'll be fall and holiday season for you. We'll chat in October. I'll take you out for coffee. There's sure to be pumpkin flavored something on the menu by then. I know how you love those flavored fru fru girly drinks.

him: I only drink those with you.

Reasons to love fall

It's hands down my favorite season. We endured hurricane like rain and wind last week (that only cooled things off for a few days) and now we're back into icky hot and humid August days (and nights). I wait anxiously for fall.

Cool 60-70 degree temps replace arctic air conditioning (and icky summer bugs).
Rosy cheeks from crisp fall air.
The smell of burning leaves replacing the smell of BBQ.
Eating indoors again.
The changing color of the leaves - and all the old school days for which it reminds me.
Opaque tights, tall boots and Mary Janes.
Sweaters and other new fuzzy fall wardrobe staples.
No guilty feelings for wanting to curl up indoors, all day, with a book.
Fall sports (for me this means watching collegiate rowing on the river and occasionally checking in on a hockey game).
The arts kicking into gear with the Fringe and September season openers.
Mums, gourds and hay decorating our front yards.
Dark beer, pumpkin spiced coffee and other seasonal foods and beverages (replacing drinks involving crushed ice and fruit).
Purple, orange, yellow, red, brown.
New beginnings.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Bethann and I visited Estia (fabulous Greek/Mediterranean restaurant in Center City) a few weeks back for a ladies Sunday brunch sponsored by Rachel Inc. Rachel is a marketing gal (her specialty restaurant and nightlife) and always hosting swanky (but unpretentious) bashes. We sipped our yummy drinks and sampled a tasty array of Greek specialties. Yum Yum.

You can see us in all our cuteness here.

Vote for Media!

Local film maker Rich Hoffman entered a video short about Media in the Ikea Small Businesses Big Dreams contest. It stars a few people you may recognize (Go Earth & State)!!

Media made it into the top 10 & now we need your vote! Click here to see the video and vote.

Scroll down to Media's, watch the cool video, sign in & then vote for it. The stores featured in the winning video get an Ikea makeover. Voting ends 8/22. Please forward this to your email list, we want Media to win!

Bathroom Clutter

You've probably heard me rave about Christine Kane's music when I worked at Baylin Artists and she toured with North Carolina Dance Theater. What I might not have mentioned is she is a fantastic (and hilarious) blogger and to list all my favorite posts of hers would take forever, but here is a very recent favorite. For those of you with pack rat spouses (like me) and significant others who stare at a very simple chore list like a deer in headlights (me? You want me to actually do these 5 tasks? Today?) will appreciate these words about decluttering your bathroom.

And if you scroll through the comments, you'll see mine - I love pitching old crap.

Crowded House

So I did something the other day I haven't done in forever: I saw a concert. Last spring I saw Coldplay with Richard Ashcroft but it was at the Wachovia Center and while the music was fantastic and light show out of this world, the experience itself is like being at Penn Station in NYC - crowded, loud and a tad intimidating.

But Friday night I had my ticket to see Crowded House perform at the Mann Center. I'd heard good things about the Mann. It's tucked back in Fairmount Park (all of 5 min. from my alma matter) and even the drive and parking experience were a delight. As it turned out, the Mann Center is quite possibly the cleanest outdoor venue I've ever witnessed and while the acoustics might have been a bit better for opener Pete Yorn, they proved terrific (despite being an outside amphitheater) for Crowded House.

2 hours and 2 encores later I left, throat slightly raspy from the bizarre cold weather that graced us and from singing my heart out to Don't Dream it's Over, Something So Strong, Weather with You, and ton of other hits. I love that the band was decked out in that they not only engage with each other on stage, but invite the audience in as well. I was surrounded primarily by people in their 40s but scattered among them were still tons of young folk like me. An unpretentious band playing for a fun unpretentious crowd.

Besides the Mann, I also visited World Cafe Live earlier that day since they were on 88.5 WXPN's Free At Noon show. This would be a treat - intimate setting, a few songs to get me in the mood for the evening. If you didn't catch it, NPR posted the show on their site. In the meantime, I'm scouring You Tube for some video of the Mann Center concert. Someone had to have taken some footage. It was truly a great concert.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Where are they now?

Vince found this site detailing the whereabouts of my best friends now. You know, since we all went our separate ways back in 2000.

Also, until all 10 seasons are available on DVD, my brother located this site whereby we can throw ourselves into the 90210 drama once more.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Diary of a Dog

It's been so hot and I haven't been able to go to the bark park in days so I'm a tad more rambunctous than normal. I need stimulation so I wander around my house and look for interesting stuff - a baseball hat, a photograph, an ear of corn. These are all new and exciting and I can chew on them.

Except yesterday I snatched a photo and ripped it and when my mommy saw it she started crying. I don't think I have ever seen her cry like that. I don't think I ever did something so bad it made her cry. She wouldn't even talk to me (she usually tells me I'm a bad dog if I pee or poop in the house or do something else like rip toilet paper) but this time she was too upset to speak to me. I went in my crate for a while and then she let me out to pee and wander the backyard but then I stayed in the kitchen with my bed and bowls for the rest of the day. All alone. I hate being alone.

But then, I did rip a photo of her mommy and Pop Pop from 1969. I heard her say she put it back together and it isn't too terrible looking. I think I'll try to be a better dog today.

Love, Juliet

Monday, August 06, 2007

7 Worlds Collide

The last time I physically saw you was on Rt. 3 driving a Beemer in May 2004. I had pulled up along side you at a red light thinking you were someone else and about to shout hello when I stopped short, my eyes wide, and my heart pounding as I frantically looked around me, grabbed my phone, pretended to have a conversation with someone as I slumped in my seat. Finally you got an arrow and made your U turn and the moment was over. It was a horrible moment. I was traumatized for days.

Today I drove down Gay Street and looked to my left at the shops when I realized it was you were there on the sidewalk. I actually didn't believe it was you at first and then said out loud, "Oh my God, it is." I was past you by this point but my head was computing all this information. He's with someone. Go around the block. Do I yell out the window "HEY!" and see what you do?! Do I park? I looped the block and saw you again and this time I slowed down. As much as I knew it'd be OK to stop you and run over and say hello, I didn't want to spoil your moment. I didn't want it to be weird for you. Or me. I drove off, thinking about this. I'm not sure why I needed to think...why I was making something out of nothing. It's not at all like it was years ago, afraid of running into you somewhere for fear you hated me. It wasn't that.

It may simply be that I'm OK not knowing, not being the one to reach out and trusting that things have a way of working out when they are supposed to...if they are supposed to.

"7 worlds will collide whenever I'm by your side and dust from a distant sun will shower over everyone."

Sunday, August 05, 2007


It was 2 years ago today. It was Friday August 5, my last day at BAM. You know what made me realize it? I was sorting through files and out fell my good-bye card. I had saved it. I stared at it a moment. It falls into a long line of recent Baylin memories. Like yesterday driving from Lambertville to Princeton on some tiny back road through farm town NJ. We passed an intersection and I did a double take. Wait just a the dark, with a lot of January snow already blanketing the ground, and in the middle of a blizzard in Marc's Infinity, this is definitely that creepy road we took to get to New Brunswick to see the Princely Players!?! Funny because we just remembered that bizarre evening 2 months ago and how surreal that drive was - like something out of a Robert Frost poem. But I digressed. Despite my memories and days of wondering - what if? - I put the thoughts aside, throw out the card (because after 2 years, it's time, right?) and move forward.