Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Reaction

Kind of funny. Here we go:

1. Travel: Overseas
2. Beer: Guiness or anything dark.
3. Relationships: Emotion.
4. Purple: A favorite color.
5. Power Rangers: Voltron reincarnated.
6. Weed: a drug.
7. Steroids: another drug.
8. Cartoons: Smurfs
9. The President: Waiting for the next election.
10. Tupperware: Clutter.
11. Florida: Hot.
12. Santa Claus: In the mall.
13. Halloween: Awesome holiday.
14. Alice: Brady Bunch maid.
15. Sitcom: 80s.
16: Myspace: Social networking.
17. Worst fear: Having so much I want to accomplish and never feeling like I do/will/have.
18. Marriage: I'm PMSed and annoyed with my husband at the moment.
19. Paris Hilton: Gross.
20. Pat: The boy Meaghan loved all through college.
21. Redheads: Wish I was one.
22. Blondes: Playboy (sorry?!)
23. Pass the: Buck.
24. One night stands: Bad news.
25. Abortions: Not for me.
26. Neverland: Peter Pan.
27. Pixie Stix: What is that? Sugar candy?
28. Vanilla ice cream: With Root Beer.
29. Music: XPN
30. High school: Drama.
31. Pajamas: Victoria's Secret Pink.
32. Woody: Toy Story.
33. Wet Socks: Take them off.
34. Friendship: Grateful.
35. Love: Everyday.

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