Saturday, December 26, 2009


I haven't done New Year's resolutions in some time...usually I'd hold myself so accountable that when things beyond my control would occur and the resolution didn't happen (or looked different), I would feel like a failure. Case in point - 2001. THAT sure was a crummy year.

So here are some things kicking around in my particular order:

Re-establish Piccadilly Arts
Get back into pottery and photography
Finish a scarf and learn the granny square
Read 2-3 books
Take Mitch on some trips

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mitch in the snow

Finally. Snow. Real snow. Not that fake dusting business. The stuff that doesn't count. Finally, a real storm. Not sure it'll spank the mid-90s blizzards and ice storms we once saw but it's doing OK right now.

After about 30 minutes of getting myself and Mitch dolled up in snow gear, I took the munchkin out in the elements for the first time. Here are some pictures of him experiencing the white fluffy stuff. He was most curious but uncertain. He didn't move much. He does remind one of the little guy in Christmas Story. "I can't move my arms!"

When I got him back inside and pulled off his boots, hat, and snow suit, some cold melted snow hit the carpet and touched his bare piggies. Well, he would have NONE of that. He proceeded to tell off the suit, hat, boots and any other snow covered garment in sight. "RUH RUH RUH!" followed by a pointed finger. He was furious to say the least.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Logo

So I hired a gal to design me a logo for Piccadilly. I am beyond excited for this. It feels very official. Once I have the logo, I can drop it onto a business card, create some stationary, and even my favorite - a stamp!

I'm getting more clear about the direction of the company as well as the feel of the brand. It's overwhelming to see my ideas morph - a lot. When I started, it was all about marketing consulting for artists and arts organizations. Then it sort of expanded to include small independent businesses. Then about 7 months ago a great circus company asked me to be their agent. Suddenly, I was knocked off my chair and all sorts of emotions flooded through me. Agent? Manager? What?

See the thing is - I was an artists' rep for a little bit. It was a wonderful experience. The best place I ever worked. EVER. I still miss being there. It's just - I was young. I had no personal boundaries. I was gullible. I did stupid things. Said stupid things. I was 110% capable of being much more than I was there. It wasn't that I couldn't handle the work. I just wasn't mature enough to handle some other things. It took me a long time to really understand that about myself. Old feelings die hard though and I was agonizing over whether I'd make a good manager and agent for this circus company.

After weeks of pushing it out of my head I finally realized it wasn't leaving...moreover, I didn't really want it to leave. Furthermore, I had to get over myself. CONFIDENCE! I was beyond passionate about this company. I watched their showcase and thought - how do they not have representation? The AD asking me was a huge compliment. I needed to figure out how to move forward with this whole notion.

Enter Operation Business Plan. How many business plans have I created now? Something like 3. I'm a pro at market research and putting stuff on paper. Start Up Nation kicked my butt into gear mid summer and I created my Life Plan. Since then I've been piece mealing the plan together - market research when I can, interviews with folks when I can, swiping ideas from other industry pros and workshops, analyzing competitors. It all resides in Google Docs. It's coming along.

The biggest decision was to focus. Focus on family programming initially. However, family programming has a bad rep and the truth is, most family programming IS terrible. But there are places out there like the New Vic Theater that do amazing programming. It redefines children and family programming.

THAT is the envelope I want to push. It goes against the whole need for curriculum tie-in (or at the very least, I'd work with just 1-2 artists with a curriculum and more along the lines of a rep theater company). What I envision is a roster of 4-5 artists in cirque, contemporary dance, contemporary classical compositions, rep or ensemble theater company, storytelling, and interesting puppetry.

So this is where I am. And trying to visualize a logo that matches all that, the rest of my brand vision and values, and my personality is tough. But I'm hoping, one step at a time. Whatever it ends up being, it's going to be fun. Stay tuned.

What about ME?

This typically does not bother me. I'm a very independent person so I enjoy when my friends, family and whomever else snatches Mitch from me and gives him worlds of attention. Rock on. A break for his mommy.

Except when we go to D-town.

We drop in every couple of months to visit my old work - whether it's physically swooping in and disrupting the "work" going on or bumming around town or seeing a performance. Mitch gets tons of attention. As stated above, I generally don't mind. I can catch up with my friends, find out what's going on at the agency, go shopping for CDs in the publicity department. All fine. Until the follow up.

"When's Mitch coming again?"
"You should bring Mitch to D-town."
"The kids keep asking for Mitch."

The "kids" are my old boss' kids. They are 8 and 12 and LOVE babysitting Mitch. He's like a toy to them. It's actually very adorable. I love that they love him. I love that MY kid is the favorite. And I don't even work there anymore. However, sometimes, (after the third email asking this) my eyebrow raises and what I want to do is scream - WHAT ABOUT ME?!

The thing is though - I got exactly what I wanted and I have to remind myself of that sometimes. It is about me...or in the aforementioned situations, about my child. It's not always going to look like cigars and conversation.