Friday, November 12, 2010

The Crime Scene

For your viewing pleasure...

The Lipstick Crime Scene

The Lipstick Experiment

Tuesday morning Vince woke to find Mitch covered in my red lipstick from head to toe. Quite literally - he had chunks of red goo in his hair, in his fingers and all over his jammies.

It would seem as though a certain mother left her Halloween makeup on his dresser one night after tucking him into bed. Despite being pushed to the back of the dresser, the bright red and gold packaging caught the little fella's eye and screamed - COLOR!

And color he did. All over the wall, the door, his toys and YIKES, the white carpet. Let's leave the topic of white carpet in a toddler's room for another day. The bottom line is - it's there and with the house going on the market next spring, the gunk had to come out.

One by one, the toys got wiped off and into the dishwasher for a massive cleaning and sanitizing bath. With lots of soap suds, the makeup came off the walls and door. Finally what remained was the biggest task - saving the carpet. After using a natural cleaner to lift a good amount of the stain, I wound up losing a few brain cells to Goof Off. Hey, I didn't need those cells. Because it was worth sniffing some fumes for 30 minutes to watch the red disappear like magic. There I was hollering at the carpet, "THAT'S RIGHT B*TCH!" Take that!

So while I can't say it looks like it never happened, it does look pretty damn good. It's back to ivory. And by the time the holidays are over and Stanley Steamer returns, it'll be looking mighty fine.

In the meantime, all makeup is far far away from a 2 and half year old.