Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When You're Gone

In less than one month both Vince's father and my parents have lost someone near and dear to them...that person that they knew in high school, who was in their wedding, who although they may have had life creep up and pull them in tons of directions, they still came back around to getting together, reminiscing, having new things in common - like being grandparents.

What goes through their minds when suddenly this person passes on? This best friend who was their age? When mortality stares them down? When I realize too that nothing lasts forever. When you think about the amazing wonderful life they did have and yet wonder why they were taken so young? When there were still more experiences to have?

And like when we all left for it better to be the first to go? To have all your friends bidding you farewell? Or be the last and have to see everyone go before you? Who is there when you go?

I hold my son and I'm reminded of the cycle of life and it's very bittersweet.

"And I'll miss you when you're gone..."
- The Cranberries


I feel like I use this adverb all the time now. Finally, I got to do (fill in the blank). Prior to having Mitch I would say, "Oh, when he's napping, I'll be able to paint the dining room, paint our bedroom, order new bedroom furniture, work on the garden, work on his scrapbook, etc." The list went on. I have accomplished a few of those to-dos but mostly I enjoy sleeping when I can.

With 2 weeks to go before I go back to work part time I thought I'd pull a classic Chrissie move and sandwich a million things into a short time frame. This past week we (insert favorite adverb here) visited my Nana, went to West Chester (I know it was November when I was last there but WHERE did that Starbucks come from???? I was both shocked and relieved since it provided a sancuary for feeding a child his bottle). Anyway, we also made it into center city to visit my co-workers and show off the little fella. On a personal note, I left my house - solo - to get together with some gals over drinks (this is a pathetic subject...I have NO tolerance...none...I couldn't finish my sad) and then saw Sex and the City at the Roxy. I completed some ominous health insurance paperwork (this was a big chore that I put off for a while) and finalized the layout of my wedding album (yeah, it's been two years but at least it's coming together). Today, after nearly two months, I will finally have my nails done. I can bring the baby just about anywhere but I can't take him into a nail salon. Way too toxic!

Next week we venture to Doylestown to visit friends and maybe check out that pirate exhibition at the Franklin Institute. Oh and then there's the beach...and Lambertville. Knowing me, I'm sure I'll come up with a slew of other things for us to do (in addition to the gardening and craft projects that linger).

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My 15 Minutes of Fame

So I work for PennPAT - which is PA Performing Arts on Tour, a program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation - and we have a roster 153 PA based performing artists. We offer grants to both the artists on our roster and presenters in the Mid Atlantic states.

Back in January a pitch to CN8 came to fruition and they featured our organization in their Comcast Newsmakers segment. In February they interviewed my boss about our organization and highlighted Philadelphia based performing artists and in April they interviewed me, discussing the organization and roster application process. My interview airs in Pittsburgh.

You can check me out by following this link to our website.

I was 8 mo. pregnant at the time and besides my cheeks looking a little chubbier than usual, I was a total nervous wreck. I have no problem speaking in front of 1000 people but tell me I'll be on live TV and I was a studying my talking points like I was going into a final exam.

It's still weird watching myself on "TV" but it's cool and I'm always excited about free PR for the organization. And if you know a PA based performing artist interested in touring...I'm happy to talk to them about the program!