Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When You're Gone

In less than one month both Vince's father and my parents have lost someone near and dear to them...that person that they knew in high school, who was in their wedding, who although they may have had life creep up and pull them in tons of directions, they still came back around to getting together, reminiscing, having new things in common - like being grandparents.

What goes through their minds when suddenly this person passes on? This best friend who was their age? When mortality stares them down? When I realize too that nothing lasts forever. When you think about the amazing wonderful life they did have and yet wonder why they were taken so young? When there were still more experiences to have?

And like when we all left for it better to be the first to go? To have all your friends bidding you farewell? Or be the last and have to see everyone go before you? Who is there when you go?

I hold my son and I'm reminded of the cycle of life and it's very bittersweet.

"And I'll miss you when you're gone..."
- The Cranberries

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