I'm Chrissie and I am an entrepreneur, mom, visual artist, marketing strategist, and all around over achiever. I started this blog in 2005 as a journal. It's evolved into a memoir blog and is an outlet for the mundane, the funny, the crazy, the arts, and the wonderful moments of being a mom, wife, and part of a great big family.  There are a ton of reflective posts as well as posts about my travels, about fitness, about my adoration of vintage (especially the 60s), about my adventures with my son, about art, and my career.

I own an agency, Piccadilly Arts, that specializes in managing the tours of performing artists. Specifically, the artists I represent create work for young audiences and families. I had been in corporate communications for a few years before being saved from a life boring product marketing and trade show planning.  I sort of stumbled my way into the performing arts industry in 2003, going on a random job interview, and falling in love, at 25, with the industry, agency, the artists, the work, and how it married my creativity and business skills.  After moving around within the industry a bit - and even trying to leave it all together on a few frustrated occassions, I finally realized it was my destiny.  In 2010, with 10 years of experience, I refined Piccadilly Arts' mission, goals and model and now it is what it is today, with an occasional marcomm consulting gig.

I love great design, photography, ceramics and I heart fitness...running, power yoga, Pilates, kettlebells, and any outdoor adventure sport. I hate to ski though. I'm a vintage junkie too, particularly loving mid-century clothes and accessories. This is fueled foremost by love of history and preserving pieces of the American Dream.

If I could have a do over, I'm not sure I'd change anything...except that my pipe dream is to return to school someday for anthropology studies and photography. Maybe participate on a NatGeo expedition. It sort of marries all aspects of things I love about life.

I'm a social networking junkie. Find me on Twitter - @londonmodgirl, on FB, and my professional blog that covers performing arts topics, children and youth programming, marketing, branding and social media for nonprofits and small biz. I recently became obsessed with Pintrest so in case you need another outlet, I am there too.

I graduated from St. Joseph's University in Y2K with a BS in Business Administration/Management and a minor in Fine Arts.

So, as the band would say: Today's the day that all the world will see. What's the story, morning glory?

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