Saturday, July 05, 2014

Works in Progress

Wall gallery and some small scale art work were this week's projects. It was hot and humid most of the week and the gallery wall was an easy and fun project to do inside, in the AC. Once hurricane Arthur blew through and knocked out the humidity, taking the art creations to the deck was easy. I have wanted to create something with melted crayons for a while and M and I got busy hunting for busted up crayons and peeling paper then dropping them into a double boiler. I dripped the wax on wood and if I do this again will drop it on white canvas. The cedar background made the whole piece feel too dark to me. I took watercolors to the background today and I still want to add some chalk and glitter. The oil paints were an impulse buy from Five Below and I hadn't worked in them in about 17 years. I forgot how they and the mineral spirits smelled! Still, like riding a bike. I had a moment working on it where I was engrossed and transported almost in a way I haven't felt in years. Not sure what it will become.