Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Monkees

A few tunes in the car had me home and downloading a bunch of the band's music and feeling like I'm hearing it for the first time again.

It's hard to find original videos (from the show) and the few that are out there are in lousy quality (no HD video or recording back in the 60s). But this is a cool compilation.

Who knew as a second generation Monkees fan in '87 that the show and music was essentially laying the foundation for my discerning musical taste and my obsession with all things (especially clothes) 60s mod? To this day, I still covet the red double breasted tunics they wore in so many of their videos.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Stand Back on Solid Gold

You're lying if as a music loving child in the 80s you didn't watch - or admit to watching - Solid Gold. The GOLD STANDARD. I freakin loved it. I just wanted to go (as a 5 year old) to dance. Anyway, in my hunt today for some Stevie Nicks videos (random need of the day), I stumbled upon this classic video of Stevie rockin it on Solid Gold. I'm guessing this is 1983-84.

The best is the break -- the dude dancing. Hello? Where ARE these dancing guys today (and I don't mean Idol or Glee). He does a twirl. LOVE.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I Saw A Ghost, Mommy

Last week, after a fun filled night of birthday celebration for Vince, Mitch went to bed a little later than usual. Around midnight, I heard a thump -- he had fallen out of bed with a major thud and was crying. A few stories and hugs later, he was tucked back in and sleeping soundly.

Fast forward 45 minutes and Vince and I are lying in bed and we hear a shriek the likes of which we never heard out of his mouth. It was a true frightful caught your breath sort of shriek. We hurried into his room and he was crying, telling us he saw a ghost.

I have never heard Mitch reference a ghost (sans Halloween maybe). Not only did he clearly ID what he saw but the following morning when I went into his room, he was lying on his bed (unusual since he's typically by the door), pensive, and asked me, "Mommy, where dat ghost go?" He remembered it.

I have no idea what he saw...maybe it was a dream that seemed so real that it startled him out of his sleep. All I know is he was really frightened and shook up about it for 24 hours. We talked about it, about what it looked like (small and white), and where it went, what to do (Go Back, GHOST!). It was obviously very real to him so to dismiss it or act like he was imagining it would have been irresponsible of me.

I've since set up a few extra night lights in his room. It's been a week now and he seems to be better about it, even throwing a blanket over his head and declaring he is a ghost. He's nearly 3 and I suspect he is more aware now of his emotions and that certain things, situations and behaviors are unfamiliar and even scary (like animals in the mammal room at the museum). I'm hearing a lot more "that's scary, mommy."

Like his uncle Brian, he may need some extra comforting from time to time to keep the ghosts at bay.

More Dinosaurs

Man loved the Academy of Natural Sciences. So much that has asked several times over the last month to "go back to museum, Mommy? See more dinosaurs?" So we went to the DE Academy of Natural History last Friday. The Nature Nook was perfect...a little hands on interactive room for small kids. He loved the magnetic animals, the bat cave, and the birds nest. He was not keen on the mammal exhibit room. There were scary animals in there. Apparently.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

End Caps

I had one of those "feels like old times" moments the other night. Vince and I schlepped over to Temple for the Hot 8 Brass Band performance. I had seen the band showcase a few years ago but I go further back than that. When I first started Piccadilly Arts I was still doing a little design work and after a few months of ups and downs, I remember Vince asking me, "Why hasn't Marc hired you for anything." To which I responded, "I don't know...he knows where I am and what I'm capable of." Naturally, two days later, he emailed me and asked me if I'd be interested in designing the herald of a new artist on his roster - The Hot 8 Brass Band.

That poster has legs because it was hanging up in the lobby of the Baptist Temple.

There was a good amount of time post Baylin when I felt weird being on the outside. Weird not working there or being there, Weird being a consultant, weird needing and asking for help, mentoring, knowledge, weird on the rare occasions I'd see Philadanco or another roster artist in performance and run into people. I mean, I was long gone and it was a hard choice to make and accept and despite the very long time it took me to move past it all, I was careful to not impose or linger. I was in a very immature and insecure place in my life in 2005 so I learned how to build some walls and protect myself during the aftermath. I had to stand by my decision if that makes sense. Act like I had totally moved on, didn't need anything, and was totally fine.

I suppose after I was laid off from PennPAT in December 2009, those walls finally came down. Part of it was the nature of the beast: Being laid off sucks and it immediately places you in a state of vulnerability. It could also be that despite his faults he is still one of a handful of people that has my back - a resource/mentor, a recommendation, someone that can magically make certain things happen.

So when we cap off a full row of colleagues at the concert the other night, I no longer feel weird. I feel grateful that I didn't burn the bridge because of my own insecurities and pride...confident in myself and my knowledge and that I'm where I'm supposed to be...and happy that I do have support. I guess it's like an evolved "feels like old times" mentality.