Sunday, December 13, 2009

What about ME?

This typically does not bother me. I'm a very independent person so I enjoy when my friends, family and whomever else snatches Mitch from me and gives him worlds of attention. Rock on. A break for his mommy.

Except when we go to D-town.

We drop in every couple of months to visit my old work - whether it's physically swooping in and disrupting the "work" going on or bumming around town or seeing a performance. Mitch gets tons of attention. As stated above, I generally don't mind. I can catch up with my friends, find out what's going on at the agency, go shopping for CDs in the publicity department. All fine. Until the follow up.

"When's Mitch coming again?"
"You should bring Mitch to D-town."
"The kids keep asking for Mitch."

The "kids" are my old boss' kids. They are 8 and 12 and LOVE babysitting Mitch. He's like a toy to them. It's actually very adorable. I love that they love him. I love that MY kid is the favorite. And I don't even work there anymore. However, sometimes, (after the third email asking this) my eyebrow raises and what I want to do is scream - WHAT ABOUT ME?!

The thing is though - I got exactly what I wanted and I have to remind myself of that sometimes. It is about me...or in the aforementioned situations, about my child. It's not always going to look like cigars and conversation.

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