Sunday, August 05, 2007


It was 2 years ago today. It was Friday August 5, my last day at BAM. You know what made me realize it? I was sorting through files and out fell my good-bye card. I had saved it. I stared at it a moment. It falls into a long line of recent Baylin memories. Like yesterday driving from Lambertville to Princeton on some tiny back road through farm town NJ. We passed an intersection and I did a double take. Wait just a the dark, with a lot of January snow already blanketing the ground, and in the middle of a blizzard in Marc's Infinity, this is definitely that creepy road we took to get to New Brunswick to see the Princely Players!?! Funny because we just remembered that bizarre evening 2 months ago and how surreal that drive was - like something out of a Robert Frost poem. But I digressed. Despite my memories and days of wondering - what if? - I put the thoughts aside, throw out the card (because after 2 years, it's time, right?) and move forward.

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