Monday, August 27, 2007

A Texas Fall

Jocelyn's thoughts on fall from down south:

I can't even think about fall yet, but here is my Fall compared to yours: :)

Yours: Cool 60-70 degree temps replace arctic air conditioning (and icky summer bugs).
Mine: Cool 80 degree days replace some of the air conditioning.

Yours: Rosy cheeks from crisp fall air.
Mine: Cheeks being rosy from the hot summer sun.

Yours: The smell of burning leaves replacing the smell of BBQ.
Mine: The smell of BBQ continues as we're able to be outside again.

Yours: Eating indoors again.
Mine: Starting to eat outside again.

Yours: The changing color of the leaves - and all the old school days for which it reminds me.
Mine: What colors?

Yours: Opaque tights, tall boots and Mary Janes.
Mine: short sleeve shirts, maybe a little blazer at night if it's really cold.

Yours: Sweaters and other new fuzzy fall wardrobe staples.
Mine: Will still be unworn until January/February.

Yours & Mine: No guilty feelings for wanting to curl up indoors, all day, with a book.

Yours: Fall sports (for me this means watching collegiate rowing on the river and occasionally checking in on a hockey game).
Mine: Fuck sports.

Yours: The arts kicking into gear with the Fringe and September season openers.
Mine: Going to Dallas and Fort Worth for outdoor concerts.

Mums, gourds and hay decorating our front yards.
Dark beer, pumpkin spiced coffee and other seasonal foods and beverages (replacing drinks involving crushed ice and fruit).
Purple, orange, yellow, red, brown.
New beginnings.

The last part of that works in Texas too. :) My aunt just bought be a cute pumpkin metal container. I want pumpkins year round.

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