Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rip Off

I noticed the NY Times Urban Eye - an email newsletter to which I subscribe - had changed formats a few weeks back and coincidently, the content seemed to take a bit of a dip. This confirmed my theories - and clenched the need to remove myself from their mailing list.

Promoting a book stool - silly me for actually thinking it included books! For thinking it was a cool shabby chic a la Pottery Barn design. No, the NY Times editors and journalists have nothing better to do with their time than seek out, and promote/publish this ridiculous piece of NYLON sold at the Conran shop. For $40, you too can swap out your twine and buy this hideous black nylon book strap because all our magazines will look so amazing (and be so comfy for our sit bones) when we stack and them and tell our guests this is the new occasional seating.

Occasional uncomfy rip off and fire hazard seating.

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