Friday, September 28, 2007


An appropriate song considering this is what we were every time we heard this song: Passengers. I'm not sure Elton John's 1984 album Breaking Hearts ever left the cassette deck of my parents Chevy station wagon. Everywhere we went - to school, after school activities, our friends houses, the grocery store, this album followed. When we made the 4 hour trip from hell from our house in Suffolk County Long Island to my Nana's house in Delaware County PA, every last one of us knew (and still knows) the words to this song (and all the others) because this plus Lionel Ritchie and Neil Diamond were played until all us passengers eventually fell asleep. I never could sleep in a car so I would listen and shove a sibling's nodding head off my shoulder until I couldn't take it anymore and then I'd climb into the back of the wagon and sprawl out over bags of clothing...since we were only on the NJ Turnpike and it was the longest leg of the trip and useless for me to wonder if we were there yet. We were far from the burnt out ghetto of South Brooklyn and Staten Island, but not close enough to civilization. It was me, plains, trees, a stretch of highway, and Elton. Passengers until we pulled into Nana's driveway.

Here's the video (this makes me understand why my mom forbade us from watching MTV in the 80s).

As I surfed You Tube for Elton's videos, I also unearthed this fantastic rarity:

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