Friday, October 19, 2007


Today at the Franklin Mint, as I pondered multiple credit options, the woman there insisted on looking up my birthday - she did not believe I was almost 30, married and owned a home. Sure enough the 12/17/77 screamed out that I was indeed the age I said and she just stared at me. "My god. I thought you were 21."

I usually get pegged 6 years younger than my age, but 8, practically 9 years? Wow. That's like a decade. After my emotional pre-30 cry the other day (after I wrote my last entry), I'll take the 21 year old compliment.


Rebecca-bakesale said...

Whatev. I was at a work event the other night anf the woman I had worked with oer the phone for a month finally met me. She asked what I did before this current job and before I could say anything, she said, "College?"
Wha???? I've been out of college for quite sometime. This is my third professional job out of college.
Oh well, take it as a compliment because once we are older we'll be thankful for it.
The other thing is these people haven't seen college kids. We don't look like them at all.

Beth said...

Yeah, definitely take it as a compliment. I was so pleased a couple of months ago when I got carded at a bar. I feel like there's such a big difference between how I looked ten years ago and now... dark circles, lines around my mouth... not to mention the gray. I'm envious that people still think you guys are in your early twenties.