Friday, January 02, 2009

Mitch at 7 months

I never thought the day would come when the little man would really be a baby...not a newborn or an infant anymore. But here he is at 7 months old and I'm packing away all his adorable newborn duds, his 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes, hats, booties he wore for a day, sleep sacks that kept him snug in his bassinet. When you're in it, it doesn't feel like it's feels like every day is a new thing, something changing and you are adjusting and rarely did I have 2 seconds to really step back and take it all in and see the moments. I've captured quite a few though in his baby book...his first smile, laugh, sitting up, cutting his first teeth. But between hauling those teeny tiny clothes to the attic and weening him, I realized we have moved...and are moving into another place now. Who knew I'd become so emotionally attached to breast feeding him? That not seeing the little bottles of mother's milk in the fridge or the baggies in the freezer would make me lament the those days of hard work and commitment. But it's 2009 and in this year he will crawl, walk, talk and eat more baby food and then his first big boy meal and do a million other amazing things. The reflections will be bittersweet.

Somedays I want him to stay this small...other days I cannot wait for him to run to me and yell "Mommy!"

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