Thursday, September 22, 2011

Huck Finn Memories

I am sitting on a bench along side the Mississippi River. A gorgeous river walk here...a railroad that I had to.cut across... tug boat chugs by...I remember reading Huck Finn. I feel like in the.novel. Where is my raft? Because I sure want to lay back.on it, look up at the sky and float away down river.

I am creeped out by the bugs and the little field mouse that scampered past. But it is a lovely evening in.Baton Rouge.

I am pmsed and moody, sensitive, and feeling like being alone. The conference is meh. My few appointments have showed and they have been good conversations so far. But there is so much looming...exciting but scary stuff. Where are people when I need them? When I drop the wall and say, "Its scary." Where are they? I have good mentors...when I ask or chase them down. I wish just once someone chased me down and really checked in.

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