Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tales of a Runner: Run for Clean Air 5K April 21, 2012

So this past week's race - The Philadelphia Run for Clean Air - was pretty was beautiful by any other standards, near 70 degrees and sunny by 9am.  The sun was beating down at 8:30 as a warmed up and stretched.  Yeah.  I wasn't too sure how this would go over on my body.

I ran it, heat headache and all, and finished, although not with the time I was hoping for.  I came away somewhat disappointed.  Warm runs are VERY difficult for me.  I spend the rest of the afternoon treating a headache and chugging the coconut water to replenish myself despite being hydrated the morning of the run.

I've since found a few solutions -- continue with some light runs during the summer months, either very early morning or late evening, and get myself to a track to improve my pace.  I've definitely plateaued and I need some speed and track workouts to kick that issue.  Staying hydrated with water and coconut water.  I may even need to invest in some sort of pack and bring some with me on warmer runs.  And some sort of wrap around shades may also be necessary.

At any rate.  When one has a crappy time, she compensates with a cute picture.  Thanks to Tom at Meta4Photo out of Berwyn, PA for the photography on race day. And it was for a great cause - Happy Earth Day friends. 

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