Sunday, March 03, 2013

More Art

After my time in Miami last September and taking in its amazing art and culture, I knew change had to happen.  I was clearly missing that art and creativity in my life.  I did a little bit in the fall but it was still tough with work travel and then storms and then the holiday.

My promise for 2013 was simply More Art.  More Art in 2013.  It was easy to start off on that foot too - with IPAY and APAP within 10 days of each other immediately post New Year's.  I saw some wonderful performances at both conferences but it also occured to me that I've relied on the conferences as a primary source of performance and new art.  I still get out and see shows - in NYC and here - but I wasn't reading the reviews in the Times and making lists of theater worth checking out.  And we all know the visual arts fell off my radar some time ago.

So without over-doing it, I'm adding in bits of art each month.  February has included a trip to Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, a gorgeous indoor and outdoor scultpure and mosaic garden designed and created by Philadelphia native Isaac Zagar.

It also included me getting back into the pottery/ceramics studio.  I took a Friday night Fun in Clay class at the local community arts center.  It was a small class and within the first hour, it was incredible to experience how it felt again - how much I rememebered, how focused I could be.

It's about First Fridays, museums, photography, ceramics, painting, and doing more of it.  Doing some with the child and some alone.  Some structured, some not.

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