Friday, November 10, 2006


Existing in the midst of "me, me, me...mine, mine mine" (my co-worker touting the recent artist show's orders, sales, and the shop's mere building and site as his very own), I remove myself physically and mentally to share with you some recent reflections on the 90210 On DVD conversation:

From my brother John:

Season 1, Episode 13
"The Walshes allow a young Latino girl named Karla Montez, (their maid Anna's niece) to use their address so she can attend West Beverly High School. Brandon becomes intrigued with Karla, but he suspects that she's hiding something due to her wariness and a strange man following her around. Later, when Jim arranges a party for one of his clients, Brandon causes a scene when he finds Karla at the party serving drinks and thinks she's being used as cheap labor."

(disclaimer: girls are latino and not latina according to the international movie database, not me) Though personally I'm more of a fan of the saga of Kelly's coke addiction and recovery with psycho girl Tara, I sure can't wait to see this one again!

From Liz:
I'm so glad that I am not the only one addicted to this "Mindless Drivel" as my husband calls it! Now I can torture him with hours and hours of 90210on DVD!! He gets football Sunday, so I get this! My favorite season, by far, is their senior year in high school when Brenda finds out that Kelly and Dylan are hooking up!!

From Beth:
Chris, I'm so happy for you! I'm also laughing really hard right now.
My favorite episode: David's friend accidentally kills himself while showing David his dad's gun. When the friend's mom tries to make David feel guilty? I love it.
Have fun with the gang!

From Kara:
I am glad to know I am in good company with other 90210 fans. Forget the election, I will be in line waiting for my copy of the first season!

From Christy:

If Donna Martin can graduate, anything is possible! Hooray for the zip code with a voice. Welcome back, gang.
On a sicker note, I enjoyed the season where Kelly was a cokehead. I just felt the show needed a darker edge and, go figure, they went total cheese with it.

From Cindy:
As much as I love the gang from BH, I wanna wait until the season comes out where David Silver is a hottie DJ and Donna catches him in the limo with his music producer. That season was absolute GOLD. I can skip the 1st season where David's friend accidentally shoots himself at his lame-ass birthday party.

From Tracey:
You crack me up!!!!!!! I loved when Dylan and Brenda got together, damn that Kelly!

From my sister Bethann:

Today I heard Shophie B. Hawkins, "Damn I wish I were Your Lover" The memories of Dylan and Kelly sneaking behind Brenda's back, surfing, having "good times" in the cabana at the BH Beach Club. And Brenda and Donna in Frace, where Brenda pretends she is French and lies to Dean Cain. Stupid Donna wearing a ugly yellow dress and thinking she could be a model. David falling for that stupid girl Nicki behind
Donna's back...WOW! I miss the drama. Even Grey's Anatomy isn't that drama filled. Remember when Brenda found out and she played "Losing My Religion" over and over again?

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