Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Local Quiz

1. How many Wawas are within 10 minutes of your house?
2 or 3

2. When you go to "your" Wawa, do they recognize you?
No, that would be my mom. I don't go that often even though "our" Wawa is 100 yards away. I don't like Wawa coffee. I really only buy milk there.

3. Have you tried the Wawa milkshakes yet?
They have milkshakes? Rarely have milkshakes, but I think I'd drive to Nifty Fifties for a malt one if I had the burning desire.

4. When you get a pretzel, do you get the single or the double?
Don't eat pretzels.

5. What's your favorite side?
The Pickle!

6. Which movie theater do you frequent the most?
Marple is the closest, but I prefer one of the Ritz theaters downtown. Cozy and intmate.

7. Which theater has the best seats?
Crap, I forget the theater where we saw Lord of the Rings?? It had stadium seats. Maybe Plymouth Meeting. I don't know.

8. What snacks do you get before the movie?
I try NOT to get snacks at the movie. It's all supersized and overly priced like Disney. Highway Robbery.

9: Last movie you saw in the theater?
LOL. Arthur and the Invisibles with the boys...and The Good Shepherd.

10. Do you usually go to Blockbuster or Hollywood video?
Blockbuster and then TLA.

11. Which bowling alley is the best in our area?
I SO hate Conchester Lanes. Granted, they pull out some archived 80s tunes, but I want to check out the new lanes in the city. Apparently, they actually have bars?! REAL bars where even if they card you, you aren't stuck wearing a little quazi baby bracelet.

12. Which bar is the best?
Here in the 'burbs? So far I love Picasso's in Media. They have a bad ass selection of Rogue beer. I also like Vincent's in West Chester, Spence's in West Chester, Chambers in Doylestown, Duffers in Glen Mills (the old Duffers). I don't care that much for hole in the walls out here because there's always some old men checking me out. In the city? I like trying new places. But my favorite spot is Beau Monde. It's dark, there are twinkle lights, there's a fire going in the winter, you can sit outside in the summer, the crepes are divine, the bar is great, upstairs is great if you want to dance.

13. When's the last time you went to D&B's?
I have never been to D&B's and don't want to!

14. How about Longwood Gardens?
Wow. A LONG time ago. I think I was about 5 or something. All I recall were the millions of red pointsettias and always having to look up to see everything!

15. The Camden Aquarium?
A few years back...I like the Baltimore one better, but that area of Camden is actually pretty nice.

16. What's the last show you saw at Tweeter?
You mean the E Center? Because that was the last time I was there. It was either Oasis in 97 or something...

17. TLA or Electric Factory?
Geez, this is a trip down memory lane. I think I prefer the TLA. The last time I was there was in January 2001. It's just cozy. Electric Factory is OK though...but really the last time I was there I wasn't old enough to drink! All my favs are playing the big expensive places now :(

18. Ever got a tattoo on South Street?
More like I was the driver. I drove my friends to South St. and we descended on one of the places on 4th St. I have no tattoos.

19. What slushi drink do you get when you go to Fat Tuesdays?
I was there once like 5 years ago and was unimpressed.

20. Do you like New Hope?
I love New Hope. Triumph Brewery when they brew the coffee beer. It rocks.

21: 202 or 309?
309 hands down. That bad ass interchange now at the TP? It's SWEET!

22. What's your favorite club in the city?
I still say Woody's for the music!! If someone can find me a somewhat respectful club with good electronica...I'm there. But where are they? I don't care if it's gay, straight, whatever.
Oh wait, Le'Etage is pretty cool. Although on certain nights, that can get a little kinky.

23. Pat's or Geno's?
Blah. Cheesestakes.

24. Which mall is the best one in our area?
My personal feeling is K of P is too massive, so I prefer Exton or Willow Grove.

26. Ever gotten stuck in traffic on the Schuylkill?
Yeah, but I know all the back roads so it isn't too bad.

27. How about this cold snap?
Holy crap. Thank heavens for my stylin vintage coats that I can finally wear!

28. Is Philly really the city of brotherly love?
Did ya see the covers of the last 2 Philly Mags?

29. Ever been to the Kimmel Center?
Yes, lots.

30. Ever take a ferry to Camden?

31. Ever have your car broken into in Philly?
Do we really have to talk about my cars? Broken into, broken down, stolen, you name it, it's happened. Even with theft proof devices.

32. Eaten a street vendor pretzel?
Probably when I was younger.

33. Seen the Liberty Bell?
In 4th grade I think when we covered it in Social Studies.

34. Peed in an alley after drinking too much in Philly?
I'm sure I have...after some party at SJU.

35. Know anyone who lives in the city?

36. Ever been to a Phillies game?
Eons ago.

37. Flyers?
I think so but it was like 10 years ago when Lindros was still on the team. When the team kicked ass! I couldn't even tell you who plays on that team now.

38. Eagles?
Again, eons ago.

39. Were you ever in the Vet before it was demolished?
All the time.

40. When's the last time you went to the Franklin Institute?
I no idea. Probably 1990 or something. I normally don't get into their exhibits because they are tourist traps. However, I'm considering the Tut exhibit.

41. Ride Septa frequently?
Only when it's absolutely when the car is in the shop or broke down or I have to be in the heart of Center City where there is no parking but in an expensive garage. But really, for $8 round trip, you could buy a half a tank of gas (at least in my car) and make several trips into the city...but beware the meter maids!

42. Ever been to the Mummer's Parade?
No. I know some people in it and I should see it once...but my last memory of my dad's father was him watching it, being miserable and I guess I just have this sadness associated with it.

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