Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Return of the Iced Latte

"I'd like a grande nonfat iced latte please," I chirp excitedly to the Starbucks barista. Not just another tall cup of whatever bold note they are brewing that day, not another misto, plain or flavored, not even the ever popular (and my eternal favorite) Carmel Macchiato. No, the iced latte is a glorious happy drink. It's prepared quickly and downed just as quickly.

It must be the warmer temps that have finally graced us here in Philadelphia. Come fall I welcome the hot cocoas, the coffees, the pumpkin and gingerbread spices that flavor everything. But it's April. Actually, it's nearing the end of April and I with nutty Nor’easter weather spoiling all sorts of outdoor plans until this week, I was miserable most of the month. My distain for winter was obvious in my ordering. Normally not one to mix it up or sway from a favorite, I was all over the board - flip flopping from tall coffees to caps, to sampling the Dolce Le Leche latte (ick) to a Vanilla Cream. Many of which I wasn't finishing and leaving to ferment in my car.

Then the other day I walked outside and OMG I didn't need my winter fur trimmed coat! I actually wanted something cold and refreshing to drink. Upon my daily decent to the coffee brewery of my choice I promptly ordered an iced latte. Within seconds (not minutes waiting for the milk to steam), my drink was on the counter. Is it the quickness of service? Or the joy that comes with not having to sip this drink? I can drop a straw into it and slurp away?

Whatever makes me giddy for the iced latte, so be it. I am quite content embracing it this time of year. Now if I could just make it so there's no condensation...

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