Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chucking the Bar

I grew up with that allusive bar...the one I still strive to meet. For years I set the bar very high for myself and for all those who crossed my path. Most people have some inkling of motivation so while they may not have always met my crazy expectations, they show me they try.

And then there are those who simply do not rise to the occasion. The ones who don't just fail (because that means they tried), but simply have no concept of the bar and do not try. Period.

The underachiever, the one that will take the path of least resistance always, the road always traveled, figure out the shortest and quickest path from A-Z and if it means skipping very important letters and steps, who cares? The one who could work a 9 hour day for the sake of building a business but why bother when things are good as they are...greatness isn't an aspiration but rather, getting by with the absolute least amount of effort. The one that despises formalities, social etiquette, adult obligations and duties, anything that even hints at organized religion.

People look at me like I am crazy, accepting this. I say it's useless wasting my time locating the bar, setting it and insisting the underachiever - the complete and total opposite of me - acknowledge it and rise to it. I threw that bar out a long time ago. It's sad. But I suppose I still have my own. And out there exist people that do try.

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