Monday, May 07, 2007


Yesterday, May 6, Vince and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. It was slightly surreal. It feels like so long ago that we were at the church, at the reception, that it was 1 AM and I didn't want to take off my dress because then it would mean the day was really over.

I made us pancakes for breakfast...we took Jules to the bark park in Wilmington, ran some errands which included stopping by my parents place, wishing them a happy 33rd wedding anniversary, and then had dinner at the Towne House. It was fantastic to go back and be in the same place we were a year ago.

It's my mission this week to do a few wedding related dress is still hanging here in my closet. Of course I need to try it on again. But I also need to get it preserved. My box of proofs needs to be sorted and placed in the cute albums I found on the bargain rack at Borders. My wedding scrapbook I started last fall needs to be completed, but I'd settle for a few more pages and now that Martha Stewart has graced Michael's, there's no excuse! Oh and we need to nibble on the top of our cake. Yes, we hauled it from the depths of the freezer, opened it and to our surprise, the entire top of it there staring at us, icing and flowers and all.

Meanwhile, Vince is enjoying his sandlewood shaving stuff and I am enjoying my 4 dozen roses.

2 years in a house, 1 year married, and a 6 mo. old doggie. Yay for us.

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Beth said...

Happy Anniversary, Chris!