Monday, December 17, 2007

Club 30

Today is the day. I must admit - I'm a tad relieved. For about 2 months now the thought of turning 30 spooked me like it never had. More and more I would find myself in a situation where I was the baby of the bunch and thinking, "Dude, get over aren't old!" but I wasn't completely satisfied with that answer. Like it wasn't fully answering whatever question lingered in my head. A few others said with excitement, "This is a great age! It's a great time - your 30s!" and that made me smile, almost as if I needed a reminder that one's 20s aren't the only time of craziness and fun.

I think I'm coming full circle in my feelings about being 30. I'm (almost) back where I started at this time last year - excited about it. Although then I was quite happy to peace out the 20s and in a few months my sentimental self reminded me how attached I was to myself...I realized I wanted to hang on just a tad longer to some of that very familiar 20 somethingness.

It'll be a different kind of crazy and fun. Welcome, Chris, to Club 30.

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