Monday, December 31, 2007

Coming Soon

Last year I did away with resolutions and frankly, I'm glad I did. I'm knee deep in planning and organizing still but I kicked to the curb the need for a list. I'd find myself in May, then in August and then in December reviewing it and feeling disappointed if I hadn't accomplished things. Or worse - because this happened for so many years - something beyond my control threw a wrench into my plans. Discouraging.

So last December I was ready to move forward but over the whole expectation thing. What happened was pure amazement. When I let go, everything happened. I look back and holy smokes, I actually read books! How many years had that been on my resolution list? I got down and dirty and conquered my fear of gardening and my yard was stunning this summer and fall. It's primed for spring too. I did a very daring thing and left my job to be a nanny - something everyone thought was crazy - and of course it turned out to be one of the most fulfilling jobs ever. I decided to freelance as an arts marketer and scored 5 clients this year. I was even recruited for a performing arts position. Me! Recruited!

Most of all I realized in letting go I came to know myself...previous ways of thinking and behaving changed. I saw how when I wasn't thinking about my expectations or obsessing over anything many of those very things fell into place - at long last.

It's a wonderful feeling looking to next year (in 40 minutes) with the same outlook. And for the first time in about - I don't know - 7 years, I can truly say this was one great year. I can only hope 2008 is close to this.

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