Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little Things

Two weeks after baby I finally got over to Joseph Anthony to get my hair cut and colored. Wow. I feel like a whole new person. It's amazing what planning goes into a little outing now: Pack diaper bag, pack car, feed Mitch, strap him into his car seat, go. Depending on where we are headed, an extra item may be necessary (a boppy bouncer, a play gym). Babies and all their gear. I'm still figuring out how to work much of this gear - the stroller, the swing, the car seat, even the bottle warmer. Thank god for instruction manuals. Thank god I can laugh when I mess it up.

All the nesting we hear about (and experience) during our 9 months of planning must be practice for this sort of preplanning. I'm glad that by nature I'm a bit of a planner. I used to take a stop off at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks on my way to/from somewhere for granted and for the time being it's the highlight of my day. I am a lightweight so I look pretty comical lugging him around in his car seat, in and out of the coffee shop, the post office, wherever. Now drive through is my new friend. And if I can get there while there is still day light, even better. The other day I took Mitchell out back and he slept in the shade while I hacked away at an overgrown bush and some weeds. I was thrilled to be outside doing something.

The little things that make my day now :)

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