Friday, June 06, 2008

On the day that you were born

As surprised as I was to learn I was pregnant, I was just as surprised the day baby Mitchell decided he wanted to be born. I definitely expected labor to play out differently - to be that sort of dramatic "rush to the hospital" we see in movies. No. No early contractions or intense pain or anything like that. I woke up last Friday just feeling like something wasn't right. I called the OB and Vince and I went in around 10 a.m. and sure enough my water had ruptured. After an internal exam - and having dilated another centimeter in one day - Dr. D (the cute doc) said the water completely broke just then and congrats! We were going to be parents today!

WHAT? I was shocked and excited. We stopped home and finished packing my bag and getting some last minute things together. I gobbled a bowl of Special K (who knew when I'd eat again) and straightened up some things. We even started a load of laundry so the little guy would have a coming home outfit. For all our planning (or maybe my planning), I sure didn't think he'd be a May baby. I was all set to go into work for a little bit, then get my nails and toes done and the next day planned on a hair cut! I thought I had a few days still to run around and do some last minute things.

So off we went...but not before we took a few pictures of me on my last day of being pregnant. Coincidently our lilies that we'd been waiting to see bloom opened up that morning. As Vince put it - something else wanted to be born today!

Without getting too in depth, we checked in, I realized this was the last time I'd see my clothing for at least 24 hours (maybe more) and got comfy on my labor/delivery bed. Things hadn't progressed much by 3 p.m. so I was induced with some petocin and then my anesthesiolist gave me an epidural. That drug rocks. I felt a few contractions right as that was being administered but then it was over. I didn't feel a another thing until the next morning. Once the petocin kicked in things moved along and I was 6 cm dilated and then 10 cm by 7 p.m. All the while I sat happy as a clam, reading some trash magazines about Brad and Angelina and surfing the web. I was ready to push at that point and did so for about 45 minutes. The next thing I remember were the OB coming in, nurses and interns donning gowns and being told it was time. I pushed maybe twice more - I don't know - and little Mitchell came into the world at 8:19 p.m.

A marvelous crying baby was placed into my arms and Vince and I just stared at this wonder and our eyes just filled with tears. He's really here. Our little son.

Later he'd get weighed and measured and have his bath and the little guy came to me all bundled up with this adorable handknitted cap on his tiny head. His stats are 6 lbs. 14 oz. and 19.25 in. He also has deep blue eyes and a gorgeous complexion. He's so alert and in the middle of the night I just stared at him, and him at me. We finally meet, mommy and son, after months of carrying him. Already I see him doing little things that I saw him do in the ultrasound. His tiny hands and arms cross when he sleeps on my chest, his head rests on top of them...when he eats or sleeps, his hands go up to his face and it's like he cradles his face.

The 9 month journey is over. It's so strange. It went so fast. For being a surprise and for the time it took me to wrap my head around it mentally and emotionally, I had such a wonderful blessed pregnancy. I would notice little changes on Fridays and Saturdays - like when I suddenly had to pee more...when my back started to hurt...when my feet swelled...when I needed to sleep on my side and do so with 20 pillows supporting me...and most of these ailments happened in the last month. Being pregnant made me more self aware, more introspective and willing to do more relaxing things for myself. There's an element of sadness to the experience being over. Of course there's the possibility of another baby someday...but nothing compares to your first.

Now baby Mitch is 1 week old tonight at 8:19 p.m. and he sleeps peacefully upstairs in his crib (for today at least) and I stare at him and want him to stay this tiny forever. But then he wouldn't get to go fishing with his daddy or to parks with his mommy. At night when it's just us, I watch his expressions and mesmerized when he's so alert and stares at me...and cannot get over that we created this being and in only 9 months all those cells and organs and everything come together to create a new life. I'm overwhelmed with love for him and cry at times because it's also scary. Will we be good enough for him? Will he be safe and secure? And I fall apart for 10 minutes and then ask God to watch over him and protect him.

And I totally understand how moms are in love with their children and get so attached.

Mitchell Salvatore
Born Friday May 30, 2008
8:19 p.m.
6 lbs. 14 oz.
19.25 in.

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