Sunday, August 15, 2010

10 years later...service learning

I'm about to head up to Lawrenceville, NJ - home of The Center for Faith Justice - for a week of facilitating service learning. It has been a long time since I stepped outside of familiar places in terms of serving others. I can't help but think though that this opportunity presented itself at an important moment - or maybe intersection of several important moments: Having a little more free time now that Mitch is two, having the ability to carve out the time to do this since I'm working for myself, and since the mission of Piccadilly Arts is always a work in progress, having the chance to let the words I heard every day for 4 years - men and women with and for others - shape me again now and shape the vision/mission of my company.

It also comes at a time when I think I may need some help reflecting.

I'm a little disappointed at the moment. I didn't go into a recent situation expecting much, but I thought there would be some excitement from my friend and mentor when I told him what I'd been up to these past 3 months. I mean, there is a lot going on. I think I've done a damn good job at keeping things moving, keeping things interesting, and keeping things tied to a common ideal. I know I'm doing a bang up job for someone that was laid off 6-7 months ago. I know I'm smart and driven and will persevere. It just would have been nice to hear something more than "Your new, things take time" from this person.

Something more, even a suggestion...I like the good, the bad, the ugly. Not the safe well traveled road full of cliches.

Perhaps I'll find a sense of peace this week as I guide middle schoolers in their faith. I've come a long way since spring break in March 2000 when I engaged in a similar service learning experience. I'm pretty rooted and a lot wiser and calmer at 32 than I was at 22. I hope I can give some of that to a 12 year old. And I hope I'm open to hear the messages of the week and apply them to my own life.


Trish J said...

It just sucks the wind right out of your sails when someone is so... unenthusiastic. You know, I read your blog because I am feeling unmotivated to get my own butt in gear, and while we're on different paths, we're sort of climbing the same mountain. So, don't get discouraged... I need you to stay positive!

OK - I'm off to write an editorial calendar for September.

Morning Glory said...

That's exactly it - the humble ship, humming along, slowly but with progress. I feel like I can speak with both confidence and pride in what I've done, where I am, but still speak from a place that accepts that I have a ways to go. I am pissed that for someone that was in my very shoes (albeit 17 years ago) that 1 entrepreneur couldn't offer another something more. It didn't have to be this intense conversation but just SOMETHING. Instead he just brushed me off. ROAR!

I think once this week of service comes to a close and I have some time to sleep and get back to my normal schedule, I'll be able to digest and reflect on everything and have a better perspective of the aforementioned situation and how I can move forward, both personally and professionally, in a positive way. Stay tuned for happier thoughts ;)