Sunday, July 24, 2011

A few from BlogHer

Every so often I get an email from BlogHer with a few featured blogs. These are two that in recent weeks and months really spoke to me.

Should I have corrected his friend when he used "gay" as an insult?
This is such a smart and relevant article about how one mom raised her son. Kudos to this woman. It's exactly how I hope to raise Mitch.

I'm supposed to play with these kids?

This had me laughing out loud. While I am not this mom (if anything, probably the exact opposite because I typically love playing with Mitch), I can relate to those moments when I want to just surf Facebook mindlessly...or tune out of yet another episode of Dragon Tales...or well, just not play trains today. It also had me rolling because I immediately remembered the crazy knitters club I had been a part of on and off for ~18 months. I had been "kicked out" around the holidays this year because of a frustrated PMSed mom post about lack of support and not liking M that day. I kid you not. God, what would that crazy crochet teacher think reading this?!

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