Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Hawk Will Never Die


The other day, another mom blogger's post regarding Columbus Day sparked a great memory of college days past.  I remembered vividly my sophomore year Philosophy class and the paper on democracy I wrote that spring.  We'd spent the semester reading Plato and Socrates and then ventured into some modern day philosophy readings and discussions including Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States.  We explored a lot particularly what democracy means today.  What an eye opener that book was.  But probably more important - and what I really remember - was the all nighter I pulled in April of 98 to complete that paper.  I remember sometime around 4am having a eureka moment and writing and writing.  The paper (I wish I could find it - it's on a floppy somewhere!) focused on how as individuals we need to exist in society.  I love those moments when I remember something like a paper that pushed me forward as a person - as a thinker, an intellectual, and made me question previous beliefs and my role in society.  St. Joe's was also amazing at somehow integrating all curricula regardless of one's major into that bigger theme of Men and Women With And For Others.  I remember a day senior year when I thought, hey, the bigger themes in this management class coincide with some of the themes in Western Civ and Philosophy.

I drove past the school today - it's all gutted and under construction and I feel some kinda way that my greenery is gone.  I am all for progress but it really does make me sad that the gorgeous lawn next to the Chapel is gone, having made way for a new dorm.  Sad.  I do need to get back though and really walk around and walk through the buildings again.  The buildings really make it - the smells and sounds of students.

Here are a few pics I found on the web of my alma mater.

Love this - it's a shot of Nick Santoleri's painting of Barbelin Hall from 1995/96 -  my time

The "Old Hawk" - when I was a student

 The "New Hawk" - the one on my car now

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