Sunday, November 27, 2011


Just a post-Turkey day thought: Who else has family that as soon as one finishes his/her meal (usually her), stands up and clears plates and immediately begins doing the dishes?  My mom does this and I have mixed feelings about it.  Part of the dinner is the socialization aspect of it and when folks jump up and put the focus on cleaning right away, I'm a little annoyed.  Don't get me wrong -- who isn't grateful for an extra (or 3 extra sets of hands) to help clean up after a party?  But I tell them to sit down and leave them...even for 30 minutes.  Enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation.  The dishes will get done.

This drives me the most crazy when my mom hosts Christmas Eve dinner at her own house, slaves away for weeks prior and then barely gets to enjoy it when it arrives because she's still caught in the stress ball moments.  The best time to finally relax would be following the meal - and enjoying dessert and coffee - but she rarely does this.  Dishes have to be soaked and stacked, fine china cleaned with care, dishwasher load one going before the first pot is on the table.

Damn the dishes.

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