Sunday, November 27, 2011

Inspirational Characters

I wanted to highlight a few inspirational women characters that have inspired me over the years, primarily from a creative and leadership standpoint. A shout out to ModernKiddo - a truly awesome blog that highlights kids' vintage clothing, toys, perspective and more.  My list is in no particular order.

Stevie Nicks - She's real of course but her presence anywhere was that of an exquisite character. Since I was small and I saw her grace the vinyl album covers of her solo albums, I was fascinated with her.  She had a presence...something about her commanded your attention. I would later find inspiration in her music, lyrics, and image in my late teens/early 20s. To this day, she is still a huge creative and entrepreneurial inspiration for me.

Charlie's Angels - I first fell in love with this show in high school, watching the reruns on TNT.  The ladies could do anything guys could do - and with grace, attitude, and sexiness.  The perfect blend. My favorite combo was Sabrina, Chris, and Kelly.

Wynona - A simply fascinating actress in the late 80s and early-mid 90s.  It's like her collection of films were especially curated for her.  Always a little but weird but still engaging.  As Lalaina Pierce, she captured my generation's spunk, drive and confusion post college so well.

Scarlett - I first watched GWTW at 12/13 years old.  I was hooked.  Scarlett's determination, perseverance, and fierceness resonated with me for years.  Much later - like, in my late 20s, early 30s - I would watch and realize how exquisitely written her character was. I could still relate to the aforementioned traits but equally important is her silliness, moments of immaturity, and conflicting feelings. It's easy to see - and love/respect - what is on the surface but how many of us have been ready to smack her at times for being so foolish too? Who can't relate to that dichotomy?

Maria - I was a preschooler when Maria entered my life.  I honestly cannot distinguish between Maria and Julie Andrews because in my eyes, they are both strong women/characters.  Another well written character who spews both confidence and vulnerability. My most favorite moments are when she defies Captain VonTrapp - to his face - but always speaks the truth.

Nancy Drew is to this day just awesome.  A bad ass girl detective.  She had her best pals Bess and George as her side kicks and they all brought some level of humor and wit to whatever mystery was needing solving.  Nancy and her gals were always up for a challenge and to this day, I love that about them.

Kristi, Claudia and Dawn -Claudia was my favorite Babysitter's Club character.  Is it any surprise?  She was the artist and fashionista. While I loved Kristy's leadership and Dawn's individualism and independence, I thought it was brilliant that the author had such a defined artistic character.

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