Monday, December 05, 2011


What the hell does MOQRS mean?  Ask Mitch.  He may be able to fabricate an answer.  Or just tell you, "I dunno." He's learning letters at school and usually he shouts out, "Look, Mommy!  S for Shawny!" or "M for Mitchell!" In recent weeks, MOQRS - pronounced "em-oh-cue-are-ess" - pops up everywhere.  It's on spells all sorts of must be written down on paper in blue crayon.

I think it's adorable that not only is he learning individual letters but that they go to together to spell a word. And in his 3.5 year old mind, MOQRS spells many things.

What else?  Lots of "I dunno" moments...lots of "Wait a sec!"

Just the other day he surprised me by pointing out and identifying a volcano on his new US map placemat.  A volcano. 

This is for Mitch and his vocabulary that is growing and spewing like a volcano:

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