Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Toys

One can't help but have a moment of panic pre Christmas about whether your child(ren) have enough...does the pile seem big enough?  Is there a fair amount of diversity (clothes, toys, games, crafts, electronics, etc.)?  I experience this each year.  Mitch definitely had more pressies to unwrap this holiday from previous holidays...although this year we thankfully did not have to assemble anything!  No train table or kitchen.  Those were the big gifts of years past and it makes sense to let them stand alone with a few items flanking it.

There is also the moment after the first round of gift opening that you wonder -- yikes, there is too much.  Where is this all going?

Suffice it to say that he made it out well - just enough.  We are sorting through some older outgrown items and donating to friends and Goodwill and making an Ikea trip later this week for a storage bin.  All in all, I am pleased as I am positive he is with his loot.

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