Monday, December 05, 2011

Clusters of Low Hanging Fruit

It's a bit of a Charlie Brown tree standing at just about 5 feet tall.  I bought this artificial tree about four years ago.  It's supposed to be seven feet tall but the middle part never fit correctly so we simply put the top part on it and called it a day.  It's seen it's share of Christmas' with lots of ornaments, few ornaments and I believe it was last year that I never got back to the attic to get the ornaments and it had lights and pine cones. 

This year Mitch helped me decorate and hang the ornaments.  There was a lot of low hanging fruit and clusters of the fruit too.  I made one attempt to correct the lopsided look of the tree due to the ornament placement.  It did not go unnoticed. One trip to the bathroom and the boy quickly righted my wrong and moved his ornaments back to their original places - bottom left, clusters.

I had also spent about 10 minutes the evening prior setting up this adorable wooden railway around it, thinking not only did it look old fashioned and cool but that he'd love to come down, see that and play with his trains the following morning. Not so.  He noticed it and perhaps for a brief 30 seconds considered liking it.  He then set about dismembering it and rearranging it elsewhere on the rug.

And so it goes.  Happy holidays.

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