Monday, January 16, 2012

Turtles with Tierney Sutton


Many moons ago I supervised the Turtle Island Quartet's rooftop photo shoot.  Come to think of it, there is an adorable photo of me from that dreary November day in 2003.  A lot of memories captured in one little photo.

This is the ensemble with jazz vocalist Tierney Sutton. They did a rendtion of Joni Mitchell.  I know it's blasphemy admitting this but I actually do not like Joni Mitchell...not one bit.  I tried, I did.  I tried to like Blue.  Don't get me wrong...she's a wonderful songwriter and vocalist.  I'm just not into her style nor I am I really into that whole 1960 hippie/poet thing.  You can throw Bob Dylan into the mix of artists I respect but just don't like. However, this was a wonderful performance.  Tierney has such a strong beautiful voice...I am sure I am not doing it nor her a service in my choice of adjectives.  And Mark Summer is just the man on cello.

Many moons later, I am still one of the Turtles biggest fans.

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