Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I think this speaks to parents, great friends, great relationships, and significant others.

These words reminded me of a moment at IPAY talking with colleagues and we were sharing some of our fears and insecurities and I recalled a few that while they are still with me are less intense now than they were about 10 years ago.  It also reminded me of my colleague who once said to me - in front of others - "You can be so tough sometimes and then so completely vulnerable."  No, I told Alex the other day, it wasn't a girlfriend but a male colleague.  Uh, 8 years later, I still HATE that I had nothing to say in that taken aback, so called out, so mad he knew me that well. With a guy's perspective, he thinks it showed how much this guy cared for me. 

Who knows.  Truthfully, I can't forget was that dead on...I used to say in my early 20s how much I wanted someone to just completely understand me and this person not only figured me out but had a wisdom to know who I was at 26...maybe he understood because he was/is the same.

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