Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I know I'm a pretty rational and compassionate person.  I also know when enough is enough...when all compassion and tolerance has to end because someone I've tolerated in tiny dosages (because I needed to) is actually just a miserable insecure toxic bitch.

I've known for years this girl and I were night and day.  So much so that it was always a chore to entertain her, hang out with her, and just have her within my circle of acquaintances.  But I did it because it was like family..and because every once in a while, I can just deal.  I can make the small talk, I can be cordial.  Because it's what we do as adults - we suck it up sometimes.

I can.

And then one day, despite whatever conditions this chick has in her life, whatever someone wants to say - again - to excuse her horrid, fake, bitchy snobby behavior - I say no.  I'm done.  At 34, I am done.  I don't need to pretend anymore, to be civil, to do anything ever again.  Because girls like this don't deserve someone like me.  Girls like this don't know how to handle someone like me...they only know how to handle their kind, the kind that enable and percolate their own insecurities. 

Cutting the toxic yet again.

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