Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RIP Daydream Believer

So very sad...another musical star has left us...this time, one of my personal favorites.  This morning Davey Jones of The Monkees died of a heart attack and this gal is grieving the loss of her first childhood artistic inspiration.  He was by far my favorite - adorable to me even at 10 in 1987 - and those rockin 60s mod duds would send me to vintage shops as a teen, college and young adult in search of the allusive double breasted tunic and A line dresses and go go boots.  That tunic still remains just out of reach.

Last year about this time several radio stations had played a few Monkees tunes that sent me on a Monkees binge for a month or so and I had posted this then.  I have been a fan for nearly 25 years - which is a blip compared to those who really grew up with the guys.  But today the band as we knew it is down one and things won't ever be the same.

I wrote this on Piccadilly's page earlier.  It sums up my feelings.

Very sad to hear the news of Davy Jones' passing. Little did he and his band mates know that 20 years after their formation this gal, at age 10, would find them on Nick and become a tad obsessed...With Davy, with their awesome 60s mod clothes, with their cult classic show, with the well known and under the radar tunes (Shades of Gray)...and carry the inspiration forth in my music taste (my first concert!), my indie style (60s vintage dresses!), and ultimately let it guide me in choosing a fun (London) mod inspired name for this biz. The Monkees were always under appreciated and unfairly compared to other 60s greats but they were awesome for what they were initially intended for...and when they broke free, their creative collective genius is seen on an album like Headquarters. Davy was my first childhood artistic inspiration. I'm grieving that artistic loss. RIP Davy.

Here are a few favorite pics.

And a great tune | video


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