Friday, February 10, 2012

I LOVE this pic of a children's room, naturally from Ikea. I used to hate Ikea. Hate it. I still have mixed feelings about a lot of the product (some way too modern for my taste, not liking the cheapness of it all) but for a kid's room, it's perfect. They go through phases and stuff so quickly and there's no sadness when it's time to move on (or it broke) because I haven't spent a ton on it...and there's always something just as cute and imaginative around the corner. I suspect that is why I love Ikea for embraces the abstractness of art and the wonder and imagination of being a kid and captures it so well in the products. It goes against the whole controlling/matchy-matchy of PB, Babies R Us and the like.

Source: via Linda on Pinterest

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