Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tales of a Runner: Bibs and Pins

How many of you racers out there save your bibs?  Your pins?  I generally save the bib for a week or so and then toss it.  The pins...well, that's another story.  I always have a need for safety pins and I accumulate them by the boat load this time of year.  Four pins for the bib, one more to pin my car keys to my pocket (if I don't have a zip pocket).  My problem is I need a whole other jar to keep them.  Come the fall, I'll be out and ready to stock up again.

The Winter Pickle Runs I just completed (I did two of the three runs) were super fun and the whole Pickle piece of it all made it more humorous.  I may hang onto those bibs for a while.  They award prizes based on how close you come to your predicted time and last week, I had predicted 36 min and came in at 35:52.  I was in the Top 10 Closest Predictions and won this here jarred pickle.  Complete with sparkles.  That's a keeper for sure.  I'm not one to rack up the race shirts but I opted to buy one this year to commemorate the Pickle series.
Below - my bib from the first run and the "pickle" I won from the second for being 8 sec off of my predicted time.

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