Monday, June 11, 2012

Conquering the World One Spray Tan at a Time | Spray Tan Part II

(Part II of II in the drama that was my first spray tan - Read Part I here)

So my sister swore to me last week that after the crazy bronzer washed off in the shower that I'd look AMAZING and followed it up with, "You can do ANYTHING with a great spray tan!"  I stared at my 1960s-70s baked darkness with an eyebrow raised.  I didn't believe her.  All I knew is I had to be in York, PA in two days for a conference and I'd refused to go if this hadn't toned down by Wednesday morning.

Freaking out about the color, this being my first ever spray tan of course, I went to my PSMM friends - a closed group on FB - and hit the panic button.  The ensuing dialogue had me cracking up for days.  But as you can see from the before (usual pale Chrissie) to the after (the Sophia Loren look) to the post shower (acceptable) to the several showers later (smokin) -- it's great.  Best of all, I never had more colleagues - men and women -come up to me and tell me I looked fabulous/hot/great than I did while in York.  Was it all due to the spray tan?  Maybe.  Maybe it was also my attitude and better mental place.  It was a super conference but I have to admit, BA was right:  You really feel like you can conquer the world with a great spray tan!  (Images of Mary Lou Retton inspiring young girls comes to my mind right now).

Pale Chrissie (Beer Fest last weekend)

Immediately following the spray tan (frightening)

After the first shower (tame)

A couple days later with colleagues (smokin)

Am I converted?  Will I be a spray tan addict now?  No.  I can definitely see myself getting two more sprays this summer and one right before the start of conference season in September but cost aside, 95% of the time I embrace my paleness.


Sarah Wagner said...

W.O.W. I saw the PSMM discussion (always hilarious) but I did not see the photos all together. No wonder you were freaking! But it does look great after.

What would you recommend, timing wise when getting a spray tan? And does one have to plan to hide out for 48 hours until it calms down? Or is it ok after a quick shower? I could really use this, but I dont have time for a tanning sabbatical!

Chrissie B DiAngelus said...

Timing, definitely 2 days prior to an event, maybe even 3 days. I did this Monday evening and by Wednesday morning (3 showers later), I felt like I looked normal for me.
You do want to give it time to set...they say 24 hours sans any showering but I just wanted about 15. I went to bed and got a shower the following morning. What comes off in the shower is the bronzer coloring that is part of the spray. Sort of like when you get your hair colored at a salon...some of the dye is still in the folicles and washes out over the course of 2-3 shampoos/rinses. My advice is give yourself 2-3 days before the event. By last Thursday, I was getting stopped on the street by my colleagues telling me I looked amazing ;)

Carrie said...

I didn't see the photos, either, I'd be freaking out at first too!!! But wow, it looks great once it calmed down. How are people supposed to work, etc., with the 70's version, haha!

Note to self: spray tan at least 3 days before my next conference. Got it. ;-)

Kelly {Centsible Life} said...

WOW! What a difference a few days make.