Friday, December 22, 2006

The Bathroom

It's been some time since I posted anything, due in part to my bathroom being gutted and everything being displaced since the second week of December. Vince thought it was a marvelous idea to barter his license restoration services for some contracting work. A good idea in theory. A good idea January. Actually, make that February or March AFTER holiday bills are paid off or paid down.

NOT December. Not the day before a party and a week before my birthday and two weeks before the holiday. It's December 22 and finally our house is regaining some order.

But not before the entire project backfired and I didn't have a toilet or shower for 2 days. We have an old house. Wish means old problems. Like people covering old tile with new tile, cementing in tile, cementing in fixtures. What started out as a tub needing to be replaced turned into a new tub that didn't fit, tiles being torn down to fit the tub only to discover it still wouldn't fit and concrete had to be chiseled away and a fiber glass backing not only had to be added to the bill but in our narrow spaces, demanded a wall be knocked out in the second bedroom so it could squeeze its way into place above the tub.

2 weeks and $1200 later, we spent about the equivalent of what we figured we'd spend on a bathroom remodeling sans any barter and dust is my new enemy.

However, we do have a lovely new pee room.

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