Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Light in the Attic

We installed florescent lights in the attic and now the real project is underway: Sorting through a few years of stuff and reorganizing and purging. Most stuff is self explanatory and just needs to be grouped with other like objects. The hardest subproject involves the sorting through of photos and memorabilia. I started with a few boxes and bins and have been grouping them by era: Chrissie very small, Chrissie grade school, Chrissie high school, Chrissie College, Post College. It's a little sad that eventually all our memories make their way to a box in an attic. Eventually, my kids will sort through it all and love it but then in 80 years it becomes part of a lot at an estate sale and my personal history will either be up for auction on eBay, thrown out, or maybe, just maybe, in the hands of someone like me who reads the details of someone's ledger, photos and journals, never having known them but feeling the overwhelming need to preserve someone else's history somehow.

I unearthed cards from my college graduation party...letters dating back to 2000 and of my bedroom in my Philly apartment...I see all this and I remember what was going on then. One day our wedding will be a distant memory.

Frankly I'm just depressed. I'd wander away except I've put this project off for a few weeks now I just want it to be over. I think I'll just rubberband everything and put them in their appropriate boxes, label the box, and walk away. Some day I'll be able to handle it but not today.

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