Friday, November 09, 2007


My poor party. All my great intentions...squashed like a bug. My lofty party plans derailed.

From earlier blogs you know I had my heart set on a fun 30th party - a roller skating party, some dancing, good food. All this screeched to a halt in the last month as scheduling conflicts and pricing issues reared their heads. Who'd have thought this would be like planning a wedding? I'd need to book a year in advance? My $350 budget was blown out of the water when the price per head became $20 and I would need to guarantee a certain number of people. This was also the case with the bowling alleys. I understand that parties over the age of 10 and with numbers toppling 10-15 need special attention and/or venues need to be certain of the number of people if they are going to the trouble to serve you. But more and more there just isn't a simple party, a simple booking. Like everything else today - it's all professionalized and micromanaged.

I am sad. I'm trying to make the best of it all and just gathering a few close pals to bowl and eat. I don't know. If all else fails I'll just escape to NYC.

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Rebecca-bakesale said...

Awww, Chris! Can't we just go to a rollersakting rink and skate? Then we can go to a cafe or bar afterwards? Screw their booking, etc. Any number of peopel can just go skating! Come on--we can do this!