Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The King Is Dead

If you've ever known my husband - ever - you've known a complete computer geek. Always the gamer, the network admin, my basement is littered with cables, wires, motherboards, bits and pieces of PC equipment and a ton of outdated software. It's possible somewhere down there is a floppy.

Vince could troubleshoot anything.

Until now.

His title as computer geek has officially ended. We both have new laptops with Windows 7 installed. We've had these laptops for some time now. His is older than mine. Once upon a time he'd have figured out that for whatever reason they could not connect to the server. He would have actually tried to do so. Instead, I'm moving thousands of music files off my old laptop and onto the server, now trying to upload them to the new laptop and into iTunes - with no luck.

He is clueless. The best I can do is access the information via the web IP. WHAT? That doesn't help me import the music.

A long time ago, before the world of License Restoration and SEO dominated his life (and baseball and Flyers), this would have been realized, addressed, and fixed - albeit with a few dollars spent at CompUSA - in one night.

I had computers built for me, issues troubleshooted, and yes, I was spoiled. Now, I must join the ranks of all the other folks in the world who have average nontechie partners and go at it alone. Or worse - call in reinforcements. This sucks.

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