Sunday, May 30, 2010


A quick post to say my little guy is two today. I can't believe two years ago at this time I was pumped with petocin and an epidural not feeling a damn thing waiting for the staff at Crozer to tell me it was time (that would be around 7:30pm). Mitch came into this world at 8:19pm. Deadliest Catch played on Discovery Channel and it appropriately aired today ;)

Two whole years. Time really does flies. I miss that first summer sometimes - swaddling the little guy, letting him hang out in onsies all day, his adorable cradle, swing and boppy (and ALL his gear). Nothing quite compares to the first months of mommyhood.

Now our favorite things to do are arts and crafts, playing with trains, balls and anything outside. He talks up a storm and definitely loves hanging out with his mommy ;) His special day started with his favorite breakfast (Apple Jack, mana), included a trip to Brandywine Zoo, a lollipop, Mexican lunch, a 3 hour nap, pressies from Nana and Grandpop, Happy Birthday and a cupcake, wound down by Star Wars and popcorn. A great day.

Mitch, my best gift ever, happy 2nd birthday little boy!

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