Monday, May 17, 2010

Soon to be Two

I'm planning Mitch's two year old party and I just cannot believe how fast the time has gone. I've been very much aware of this passing of time in recent weeks and I'm doing my best to be here now, in the present moment. We are enjoying the lovely spring weather - complete with running, kicking the ball (kick da ball!), proclaiming every basketball net in sight, slides at the playground, riding trains at Linvilla and more. I suppose my most favorite has been, "Mommy, take a turn." Or, he'll take my hand as he says, "Mommy, blah blah hand." There really is this jumble of sounds in the middle of most of his sentences...I think it's just that...he's trying to formulate sentences based off of what he's hearing. He doesn't quite grasp each word in the middle, just the beginning and end. And a lot of associations. It's really amazing.

Oh, and Be Pa Pa is a melody. We discovered Bitty Bitty Bop is the real meaning behind it and stems from Thursday's Makin Music class. There ya go.

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Trish J said...

I find myself trying to slow down the passing of time lately these days, also. I feel like 2 is such a special time; everything they've had going on in their heads since birth is finally finding an outlet out. I don't have to ask for kisses anymore - that's my favorite part.

Happy party planning, and take lots of pictures!